Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Creating a Bigger Space out of a Small Bathroom

Having your desired bathroom may be a big challenge. Trying to make everything fit into it is even harder. Among the challenges is on how to configure the toilet and sink, have the desired space for a shower and where to put your towels. 

Good thing The Peterson Group Bespoke Condominiums and Residences has been able to provide the best homes for you with your specific qualifications on the detail. Expatriates from Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia do not need to worry anymore on achieving the best home for them.

And for the rest of you who would want to personalize their bathrooms using your own craft and creativity, we have prepared some tips to designing a picture-perfect bathroom for you to review and incorporate with your own ideas:  

1. Shower Curtain
A shower curtain that moves back and forth saves space over a glass door. It also comes with different designs and patterns, enabling you to choose the best one that fits your personality

2. Corner Sink
The small space in the corner of the room is oftentimes neglected when it can provide the precious space needed in a bathroom. Decide on a corner sink to maximize space and make your bathroom more unique than others.

3. Floating Vanity
Despite mirrors being able to create an illusion of a bigger space, it can still take some space away. You can hang your vanity on a higher level and still create the illusion needed. Your only complaint in this is when you are small and can’t reach the height on which your vanity is hanged. Well, before you install the vanity, make sure, it can still be useful.

4. Expanded Mirror
In a very tight space, extending the mirror, instead of just relying on a small vanity can help make your space look even bigger and brighter. In less-than-ideal space conditions, every inch helps.

5. Large Patterns
Just like the mirror illusion, using big patters can also give a wider scope of your bathroom. A large-scale pattern, like this wide stripe, can trick the eye into seeing expanded space. The square footage might stay the same, but the bathroom will feel bigger.

6.Towel Bar
If you are wondering where to put your towel, why not take advantage of the space in your door and put a towel bar there? This way, it would be easier to take it and hang it again.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Now You Can Have an Office in Your Home

Experts always say that you shouldn’t be bringing your work at home. But in this demanding world where you cannot be left behind if you want to maintain your stature in society and those working hard are the ones who reap more, you can’t just sometimes ignore the fact that you still have things to do and it would be better to work at it while at home.

The Peterson Group Bespoke Condominiums and Residences, matchmaker between work-driven expatriates and luxury homes in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Jakarta, Indonesia and Hong Kong totally understand your situation. In response, we prepared some special tips for you to try and review as it would be vital while you are working at home. Why not make an office in your home? Although you might not need it always, at least you have somewhere to camp into when you need it most.

A metal desk and a wooden chair is not enough for you. You deserve more than that. Besides, living in a luxury home in a city like that of Jakarta, Hong Kong or Singapore would require you to get a more high-end home facility as an extension to the luxurious furniture you have in the office.

1. Location
As per the term “bespoke” itself, TPG can provide you with a certain place for your personal office space in your home. Since you are expected to spend hours on that space, you shouldn’t stiff yourself. Would you like it to be near the windows? By the door? Or would you want it locked in a room so you can get privacy? For sure, you would have some place inside your condo if need be.

2. Form or Function?
Your desk, shelves, and storage should serve you, not the other way around. Consider your workflow and what items you need at your fingertips before investing in furniture, and then look for pieces that are both beautiful and functional. Home office furniture should complement other rooms in your house instead of screaming "soulless cubicle." If your home has traditional d├ęcor, warm wood and soft, comfy chairs or a loveseat are ideal if you have the space. A contemporary home office can feature artistic pieces or modern metal furniture.

3. A great chair
You spend hours parked in your office chair; a beautiful, ergonomically-correct, comfortable seat is worth every dime. It doesn’t hurt when you don’t complain on comfort resulting to productivity.