Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Our Story & Values

Our Story

At The Peterson Group Bespoke Condominiums and Residences, being grateful for our strengths means that we can also appreciate strengths in others. This philosophy leads us to do business by joining forces with like-minded colleagues, working in partnership and pooling resources. We collaborate. That's how we create high performance teams to tackle the distinct circumstances of each unique opportunity.

To make this work, we make it a priority to nurture our relationships with all our stakeholders. It is immensely rewarding to share in the value created by our combined strengths , the reason many of our relationships are decades old and going strong.

And every day, we look forward to inviting new collaborators into the fold.

Our Values

Instinctively, we had always worked together as a family unit, sharing information, doing whatever needed to be done. Embracing the fact that challenges come in all shapes and sizes, our culture engages us to create off-the-menu solutions. More often than not, we work outside our job descriptions with a sense of urgency to get to a result that is driven by our commitment to quality.

Our business is about creating value, trust and loyalty. Since the beginning we have taken to heart how our actions and decisions affect our tenants, our homeowners, our community, our partners and investors. Change can sometimes be uncomfortable. We act with this in mind and have proven that change can also be beneficial and satisfying.

We believe this is The Peterson difference.

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