Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Feng Shui Reading for Your New Home

I know what you are now thinking. How a luxury cans bespoke residential service start lecturing its clients of Fueng Shui? The Peterson Group Bespoke Condominium and Residences has a long-time reputation of providing homes for expatriates in only the convenient places in Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and only offers primary locations. Is it possible that all those services are accompanied by good fortune of feng shui? 

Feng Shui is one of the first things people look into when they are looking for a home. It’s not that we do or do not believe in Feng Shui. It’s just that we have hundreds of clients who have been requesting the right feng shiu tips from us that is why today’s article focuses on the feng shui readings applicable for new movers. 

According to a review written by one of the most famous feng shui expert, Rodika Tchi, the most basic rule in attuning your homes is to find a good vibe for positive chi to enter. Universal energy should be allowed to freely flow into every room and crevices for you to achieve comfort, peace of mind and ample amount of fortune.  Here are the following steps you can review:

1. Place the most significant piece of furniture in the command position. 
2. Keep the entry way open to allow the negative vibe to enter freely from the foyer to the overall surround of the place.
3. Make a clear division for a multi-purpose room. A curtain or a display cabinet can visually separate a room’s function to another.
4. Unify your environment with a consistent and harmonizing color scheme even when you are using different shades of single color.
5. As much as possible, use functional equipment and furniture. For condo living for instance. There are available couches which can be used as a bed later on or a writing desk which also has drawers underneath it for extra space.
6. Enlarge the Room with Mirrors since it can invite more positive energy in
7. Do a vertical cabinet for an upward success. You may also be surprised how every inch can be helpful for storage.
8. Clear cutter daily and make this an everday routine.

Feng Shui or not, we believe every condo owner should follow these steps. Positive energy can be summoned especially when you keep things neat and organized. When you take these steps in your small space you create your own private sanctuary: a welcoming environment you’ll be glad to come home to every night.

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