Tuesday, 8 September 2015

How to Keep your Home from Looking Cluttered

Some of us may have the habit of keeping things that are considered clutter for some people. With proper organization of these things, we can certainly do a creative system and at the same time not put to waste the things that we have invested in.

Matchmaker between expatriates of Jakarta, Indonesia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Hong Kong and the best luxury residential and apartments, The Peterson Group Bespoke Condominiums and Residences has these following tips on how to keep your home from being cluttered:

1. Layering
There are just certain rooms that look incredibly rich, full and interesting. These are the kinds of rooms that seem to tell a story in every turn of your head. But layering can go wrong if you don’t have any idea on what pattern to match with another.

a. Start with your vignette
Rich spaces feature things on top of other things, most often framed art leaning on top of each other, then small knick knacks partnering with stacks of books to create more layers. But don't stop there. Bring a plant into the mix, and have a branch or two just overlap your layering work, adding even another layer into the mix.

b. Obscure and Conceal
There is a reason why your friends’ plant is on top of a book. You may have noticed it since they have intentionally obscured it from your view yet still turn out to be a very good design. Don’t be afraid to match your things on top of the other. It can also be a good game for your guest to discover something which lies hidden yet totally exposed on top of another.

2. Be Vertical
Wasting those precious spaces on top of your wall can be a shame. Create further storage on top of your cupboards. There will always be an extra storage spot on top of something. You can also take advantage of empty high spots with a simple stick on hooks. Review the hidden nooks and cranny of your home and you might find something.

3. Create Dividers
Instead of putting a thin divider, take advantage of a bigger one like bookshelves which can be convertible to another storage space. A good divider can help you get organized with your things and minimize complaints of extra clutter.

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