Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Which Houseplant Does Not Mind a Little Neglect?

Most people living in cities and in luxury condominiums are busy and although they have the intention of keeping their homes neat and tidy and all their belongings taken care of, you can’t expect them to stay at home as frequently as intended.

The Peterson Group Bespoke Condominium and Residences,  Jakarta, Indonesia expert in finding luxury condominiums and apartments for expatriates in Singapore, , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Hong Kong, understand this concern. Wouldn’t it be great if some of your belongings wouldn’t be too high maintenance?

There are some key solutions to most of the problems though.

Furniture and appliances can stay in their position and can be cleaned after you arrive. For the damaged ones, you can easily replace them. Pet care can be arranged. Developed and urbanized cities have their own pet nurseries where you can drop off your beloved fur pals and fetch them later after work. Only one problem remains. Who would water the plants?

Let us get some points straight first. Even the most indestructible plant can wither and die with over neglect and when entirely ignored. However, just like some people who have long endurance and can withstand extreme conditions, even to the point of neglect, plants also have stronger specie among them.

·         Bromeliad

At the sight of it, this pretty and sturdy plant truly is a strong plant. With hard leaves and petals, this plant resembles a pineapple and even came from the same bromeliacaea family. It can withstand temperature up to 70 degrees which is very suitable as home plants.

·         Cast-Iron Plant

This sturdy plant has lived up to its name as it can live in a wide range of temperature, can survive poor or low lighting and spotty watering. Warnings from botanic experts even state that this dark-leaved stunner wants to be left alone which can be very beneficial to its busy owners.

·         Prayer Plant

This plant can grow into a thick foliage even when ignored with only enough water to go by. It can be pretty handful for owners who would not want a tiny forest to grow into the room but it is very reliable for those who want some bushy shrub even without time to create one.

·         Kalanchoe

For flower lovers, there are also available pretty plants that only require little care to bloom into a beauty. In many reviews, Kalanchoe is called succulent since it absorbs moist and water once it is fed. The moist within it can also last a long time.

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