Thursday, 23 July 2015

Make Your Small Condo Look Bigger

Small living is now a world-wide trend. If you have reviewed some episodes of Tiny House Nation, then, you probably have been convinced that living in a small space is both practical and creative since it would cost you less and open your inner creativity. But it would be a very big challenge to squeeze into a small quarters, how much more to design it with so many stuff. You may now be scratching your head.

No worries. The Peterson Group Bespoke Condominium and Residences, matchmaker in finding the best and most suitable luxury residential and apartments for you and your family in Singapore, Jakarta, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Hong Kong is to provide tips on the best things to do when you have a limited space and make it look bigger.
  1. Mirror
  2. Nothing beats mirrors when it comes to making the room look bigger. As the image in the mirror is reflecting that of the space, it makes it look like an extension of the place itself. With proper lighting position, mirrors may very well serve multiple purposes.

  3. Open Curtains
  4. Since heavy and dark draperies refract the light from entering the room, it can give a gloomy and dark effect. Opening windows to let the light spread inside the place may help things get a little more perspective plus help you get fresher air especially if you are living many floors up.

  5. Different Shades for the Same Colors
  6. Each color has different shades. It would be better to choose the one color and use different shades on it for unity. You wouldn’t want contrasting colors tug and pull each other. You don’t want to hear your guest complain because of highly unorganized color clutter.

  7. Stay away from Unnecessary Details
  8. Avoid using designs such as ruffles or large prints attached to your furniture and windows. Try to invest on smaller patterns or plain color fabrics and achieve a single and unified look to make the room visually roomy. Stick to these basic rules and be creative! Dealing with a smaller space once you have decided to live in a condo can actually be more exciting than daunting. You can unleash the interior designer and artist in you; express yourself while creating a more convenient living space for yourself and your loved ones.

  9. Less is Best
  10. Try to limit the clutter in your condominium particularly the furniture. Sometimes having large but multifunctional furniture would be more beneficial in the long run rather than having small home equipment taking too much space in the areas of your abode. Let go and do not get attached with things which you have not used in a year, you may just sell them online. With a minimalist style of condo living, you will appreciate the lasting comfort and breathing space it will eventually create.

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