Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Secret of Color Hues

Having a new condominium is a good opportunity to let out the imaginative and creative side of an individual although it takes a lot of time and effort. Still, we always want our space to feel like our own. Reviewing a lot of tip sites are not enough. 

According to a survey conducted by The Peterson Group Bespoke Condominium and Residences, matchmaker between the best and the most suitable luxury apartments and expatriates in the cities of Singapore, Jakarta, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Hong Kong, one of the most common issue among members is choosing the right palette of color to make their luxurious homes stand for its name. Most of them end up hiring a d├ęcor specialist who, most of the time, does not meet their demands. 

In response to this, we have prepared a guide on how to choose the right color combination for you to be able to pick your own color scheme. 

1. All white doesn’t make the room big
Contrary to the common conception, it does not matter much which color you are going to choose as long as furnishings are placed correctly and the chosen color can create inviting space with style beyond diminutive size. 

2. Choose Sharp Colors
One of the best ways to expand a space is with very clear colors. Choose a palette of sharper colors as opposed to duller ones. Sharp as in bright chintzes mixed with colorful plaids or really hot reds and electric blues, yellows and greens (with plenty of air between the pieces). Color combinations with negative space in between will enhance the space's clarity and openness.

3. Color Unexpected Accents

Bring splashes of color to a radiator, the inside of a bookshelf or a windowsill to bring excitement and depth to a room. If you're lucky enough to have a foyer or hall, paint that a dark color and ease into a lighter shades in the living room, which will make it feel more spacious by comparison.

4. Create a Focal Wall
Many people are concerned about using bold colors as it can be too attention-grabbing. Contrary to the complaints, using deeper colors on one part of the wall can work wonders. Sometimes a darker color on one wall can make it recede, making the space look larger.

5. The Unending Black Power
Black may not be a color but it works in everything. A black item, say a lamp, will help emphasize the color palette that you have used.

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